AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett & Voting Groups Agree: “It Could Be Better”

Today, the Adiós Arpaio campaign announced agreement with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett in acknowledging that the state could do a better job of elections administration, voter registration, and vote counting. The announcement follows weeks of insistence ... Read more »

The Ed Show Coverage of our Work!

Exciting to see coverage begin to roll in of our efforts in creating a New Arizona!  Check out this awesome post from The Ed Show’s blogger Ned Resnikoff over at The Ed Show Blog! “They’re calling it the “New Arizona.” A once deep red state ... Read more »

TOMORROW: Rally at the Maricopa County Recorder

The new Arizona has arrived. This year’s elections in Arizona have been marred by irregularities and polling problems that have led to more than 650,000 uncounted votes statewide, an unprecedented number of provisional ballots cast, and no end in sight for ... Read more »

The Story of One Man’s Provisional Ballot on Election Day

Faez is a first time voter and he wants you to know what happened to him in Arizona this year. First off, he’s from Iran and after five years in the US, he was excited to become a citizen and register to vote. When he received his voter registration card ... Read more »

Rachel Maddow: Greatest Supporter of Arizona Voters

Once again Rachel Maddow proved she and her team are on the case when it comes to voter suppression and the rights of every voter to have their ballot counted as it was cast.  Maddow ended her show Monday night with many photos of our awesome volunteers from ... Read more »
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